Ninebot S

Smooth, Simple and Stylish are just some of the many words to describe the Ninebot S. The Ninebot S is a lightweight, self balancing transporter equipped with anti skid vacuum tires that ensure a smooth ride for all ages. Hours of practice are not necessary to ride like a pro on the Ninebot S.


Learn how to ride in minutes with precision sensors and an intuitive knee control bar. The Ninebot S compact frame is easy to control and the detachable knee control bar makes it easy to stow away in tight spaces.

Quick Specs

Roughs Terrain, Tougher Transporter


The Ninebot S takes no days off, cloudy days included. Built with durability, the Ninebot S is no stranger to diverse road conditions and minor obstacles.


The Ninebot S will self adjust its power to the user's environment to provide a smoother ride every time. The Ninebot S footpad is designed with shock absorption and has a ground clearance of 3 inches. Ninebot S also has an IP54 rating designed for transport in light rain.

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